Friday, November 18, 2011

A Food Tour of Savannah

Besides the wedding, our big motivation for going to Savannah was for some good Southern cookin'! Savannah totally delivered! We ate so much good food, it was awesome! Surprisingly, I didn't go overboard with the food photos, but here is what I did manage to capture before cleaning my plate.

Our first stop, which I don't have a picture for, but have to include was Moon River Brewing Company. The food was great and Amit loved their beer. If you happen to find yourself in Savannah, you MUST go here!

Friday was pretty much the best meal ever! We were in line by 9 am and made a reservation at The Lady and Sons for the lunch buffet. To say we were excited would be a major understatement.

Quiet and calm in the morning

We came back at 1245 for our reservation and headed to the third floor. Yep, there are THREE floors to eat on. That place was hopping! Despite the huge amount of people, they kept the buffet well stocked. I was impressed.
There were too many people in line to pause for a picture of the buffet.
Here is Buffet Trip #1
Fried fish and chicken
She seriously had the best greens and sweet potatoes that I have ever had!

Buffet Trip #2
I went with baked chicken on this trip and tried to justify my eating by adding more vegetables.
It was all insanely delicious!

 Did I mention that the buffet came with a dessert option?
The peach cobbler was TO DIE FOR!
Her restaurant was amazing. I'd go back to Savannah just to eat her food again. I'm now craving collard greens, sweet potatoes, and peach cobbler. I feel a Southern-themed Thanksgiving coming on.

Do we look stuffed?
(Ignore the crazy windblown hair - the wind was all over the place that morning)

The highlight of the food scene for Amit was the fact that he got to walk around the streets of Savannah with his beer. He really wanted pictures of that. He makes me laugh.

We enjoyed the warm weather on Sunday, by dining outside at Tubby's Tank House. They have live music, though our timing was off and we missed out. The food was fantastic and the view was great, too.

I got the Buffalo Fried Shrimp.
Amit went with a Fried Fish Po'Boy.
We really enjoyed the food and sights down in Savannah. At least we worked off the calories while we walked around town!

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