Friday, November 18, 2011

Savannah in Pictures

We spent last weekend exploring Savannah. Kara and LJ got married on Saturday, but since we took a long weekend, we were able to enjoy a little vacation and sightseeing while we were there. To spare you the long dialogue about everything we did, I'll hit the highlights and sum it up in pictures...

Smiles Piano Bar 
Kara and LJ got stuck going up on stage.
(Better them than us!)

It was on the chilly side, but at least it was nice out!
I loved all the trees... beautiful!

I see a project coming soon...

We stopped in at the Savannah Bee Co. while shopping.
Amit decided to explore the kids area. 

 We toured the Owens-Thomas House.
It had a bridge connecting the two sides of the third floor.
I want one in my house.
No pictures are allowed inside, but here's the view from the outside.

 We also visited two different art museums, 
one of which was the Jepson Center. 
In the kids' area (where else would we go?), 
you could create your own beat with blocks placed on this projection.
Amit LOVED it!

 We enjoyed walking around River Street.
Here we are at lunch (more on food at a later post).

View of River Street and the Savannah River

 The river is also a popular destination for BIG boats.
Amit wanted a picture.

Angela, Kara, and I at the wedding
The only photo of Amit and I is fuzzy, of course.

On Sunday we took the ferry across the river.
 Here's the view of River Street.


Amit was excited about the palm trees.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we had so much fun. Kara was a beautiful bride and we had such a great time at the wedding! The food adventures have earned their own post, so stay tuned!

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