Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Bits

Here are some quick bits and pieces from the second half of November. Or should I say, bites? We have a teeth/mouth theme for most of these pictures...

I got to go visit my favorite dentist again!
My teeth are nice and clean, though he complained about the coffee staining. So I asked, was it in the front or just the back teeth? Only the back. Looks like using a straw is working out just fine, so I'm going to keep on drinking that coffee. Lucky for me, I know his favorite patient (Seth) drinks coffee, so technically Amit can't yell at me.

I made and framed a project found on Pinterest!
Idea found here.
I only used green and blue and I love it even more than my inspiration. I think I'll try to make another one by weaving green and red to make a Christmas plaid. Stay tuned for my holiday Pinspiration projects!

Yum... Thanksgiving leftovers turned into a casserole.
Quick, easy, and delicious!
And just to prove that dental health isn't just for humans,
here is proof that we brush Emma's teeth.
Well, Dr. Patel does. Mrs. Patel just stands back and enjoys the show.

Now it's time to go back to my lesson plans, though I would rather be doing this...

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