Saturday, November 5, 2011

A-Z About Us

We aren't up to anything fun right now, just lots of school work. When I saw this idea on a blog I read, I thought it would be fun for us to do. Hopefully this will tide you over until we get back from our trip to Savannah to explore and watch Kara get married! So here we go:

H: 25 A: 24

(We’re 8 months apart)

Bed Size

H: We’d never find each other, we tend to roll to the edges while we sleep.

A: “It’s not the size of the bed, it’s how soft it is.”

Chore You Hate
H: Scrubbing the bathroom A: Dusting

Max (technically he’s not ours, but we love him anyways) and Emma

H: Poached A: Sunny side up

Favorite color
H: Pink A: Blue

H: To fill my new house with restored and repainted furniture built all by me!  

A: To climb Mount Rainier.

H: 5'8” A: 5'9”

Instruments You Play
H: Piano 
A: Guitar, trumpet, ode to joy on piano, drums, bongos, dhol

Job Title
H: Wife, teacher, student  

A:dental student, sex machine, master to Emma

H: Just our four-legged one for now A: zero
(And Emma likes Amit more – at least I think of her as my baby!)


H: Mount Rainier A: Mount Osceola

H: Amit says my nickname is "hey you"

A: Ankeet, Ankete, Onkeet, honey, babe, and Tima
(You can guess who calls him which nickname.)

H: DIY/Crafting A: Craft beers

Pet Peeve
H: People who chew with their mouth open.
A: People that walk slow.

H: "Just keep swimming."
A: "Are you not entertained."

Recently Read:
H: Cesar’s Way, by Cesar Milan 
A: Adventures of a Continental Drifter by Elliott Hester

H: Chicken Fried, anything Styx 
A: Banana Pancakes, Chicken Fried, Toes in the Water

H: Sander – “I don't have one yet, 
but I can’t wait to sand some old furniture so I can repaint them!”

A: “I like drilling things.”

University Attended
H: UIC and now Lesley University 
A: UIC and Boston University

Vegetable You Dislike
H: Peas A: Broccoli

What Makes You Run Late
H: When I forget to pack something the night before. 
A: You (meaning me, his lovely wife)

X-rays You've Had
H: Ankle, fibula (stress fracture), and obviously teeth

A: Ankle, fingers, jaw (Happy Turkey Day!), teeth

Yummy Food
H: I have two - tarte flambée and chips and guacamole

A: Ribs

Zoo Animal Favorite
H: Elephants A: Giraffe

Hopefully you learned something new about us; if not, at least we had a great time trying to decide and then talking about what we chose!

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