Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I can get into Christmas mode! Our favorite way to get ready for the holidays is to take our Christmas card photos. We arranged a photo swap with Derrick and Mel and headed to Wilson Mountain Reservation to take some pictures.

My favorites of Derrick, Mel, and Annie
They're one good-looking family!
 I went on Pinterest and found the idea to use Christmas lights.
They didn't turn out too bad!

Now... if only Emma cooperated as well as Annie did. Emma was on the hunt for something. So of course she neglected to look at the camera for most of the pictures. Mel and Derrick were whistling and she would look in the opposite direction. It was hilarious!
Here are our outtakes:
  Look both ways before crossing the street!
Our possessed dog.

Our Christmas fun didn't stop there. We stopped by Needham Center to see the annual tree lighting. After much anticipation and one false start, it was officially lit! Who could refuse such a fun photo-op?

It's starting to feel like Christmastime now! Happy Holidays!!

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