Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
We have had a wonderful year and have so much to be thankful for, including the delicious meal that we made today. We opted for a quiet, intimate Thanksgiving today; just the two of us (and Emma, of course). I spent the morning cooking, but it was so worth it. 

Thanksgiving 2011
 My decoupaged pumpkins.
 Begging for table scraps from Daddy.
Of course he gives in.

It has been a very relaxing Thanksgiving. The only cooking that's left for this weekend is to make some turkey soup and a turkey casserole. Yum!! There isn't much else on the schedule for today. We can't wait to go see The Muppets later!

By the way, we're currently taking reservations for Thanksgiving Day 2012, location to be determined. ;-)

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