Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Day Fun Days

So last weekend we had the first big northeaster of the winter. Luckily the snow held off until we got home from our concert. It snowed during the night and well into Sunday morning. When it was all done, we ended up with about a foot of snow.
 I love the view from our apartment!

Santa came a little early to the Patel home this Christmas... Amit had decided that he wanted to get cross-country skis this year and how could I say no to a good winter workout? Since the northeaster brought us so much snow, it was the perfect time to try out our presents!! Lucky for us, our friends Seth and Kirsten also got cross-country skis before Christmas. It was even better that I had the two days off of work following the snow storm!!

On Sunday afternoon we headed to a local golf course, since it had been snowing all night. There were lots of kids sledding, but we were the only people out skiing.
Here's my "artsy" shot of the skis
Amit was a little concerned because I was so far behind... 
I can't help it! I like taking pictures...
Here's an action shot
The golf course was beautiful covered in snow!

Happy skiers
We even got Seth to pose for us...
Amit even did a little down hill skiing
It was a fun time! Kirsten, ever the fantastic planner she is, even brought hot chocolate!! We finished the evening by watching a movie (inside, of course).

On Monday, we had some last minute Christmas errands to run, so we decided to head to the Arnold Arboretum to get in some more skiing. It was sunny and gorgeous out, a nice change from Sunday's ski.
As you can tell, Amit loves his new hobby
Some beautiful scenery
Our trip to the arboretum was a lot of fun, we'll definitely be skiing there often this Christmas. So our favorite sandwich place, The Real Deal, is right down the street from the arboretum. Seeing as we had already gotten our exercise in, we had gotten our exercise in for the day, we decided to grab some lunch. This is what we looked forward to all day...
A steak bomb for Amit
A buffalo chicken wrap for Heather
Chocolate-peppermint sandwiches were waiting for us at home

It was a great anniversary, snow storm, cross-country skiing weekend! We'll definitely be exploring new places by skiing. Hopefully I will finally get a trip to the Cape!!

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