Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Visitors

We were blessed to have some visitors for Christmas. Ron, Mom, Nate, and Max made the 16 hour drive out to spent a few days with us. They were excited to see us, but Nate and Amit were mostly looking forward to playing with Nate's PS3 (his Christmas present) on our big screen HDTV. Max was very excited to see Amit for the first time since July and spent most of his time laying close to him.
All three of them hung out in front of the TV every night.

Max loves to be the center of attention and does the craziest things to get it. He was much calmer than we thought he would be on the elevator, but he had a hilarious obsession with the trains that run behind our building. He would stand, looking out the window, waiting for and watching as the trains would go by. We had to clear a path so he wouldn't knock anything over.

Where's the train?

We were so happy that they brought Max with. We've missed having him to cuddle with, although I personally am glad that we do not have a dog who needs to go out bright and early every morning!

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