Friday, December 18, 2009


Amit took his last final on Wednesday, so he's officially on break. He's definitely making the most of it and enjoying not having to study anything. He not only doesn't have to study for classes, he found out today that he will definitely not have to retake his board exam. How do we know that?

Because he got his results in the mail today! Its official, he passed NBDE Part 1!! Yay!!!!  Funny story about today, Amit said when he checked the mail we had one envelope... from the board of dentistry. Pretty scary! He passed though... and he said that he started yelling after he realized it. He's so funny!

I'm so proud of him... He did great!!

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  1. What?! I cant believe he already got his results. Where are MY results? Not fair! I mean... congrats but I want to know. Jealous.