Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Craft Time

Yeah, so I have totally been slacking with the blogs. I apologize... It'll pick up in a couple days. Amit takes his last final on Wednesday, so for most of our free time he has been studying.

So I got a little ambitious with my some of my present ideas... I decided to make them. Yikes! Christmas is only 11 days away (boy did that time fly by)... That means I really need to get them done!!

So the last few nights I have spread out my craft supplies so that I can work on multiple things at once (I promise I will post photos of the finished products)... So tonight after work, we went grocery shopping, but when it came time to eating our pizza, we realized that we had no table space... So what did we do?

We had a makeshift picnic on the floor!!
Note the craft supplies to the left of dinner... Christmas crafting has definitely taken over our home! Thank goodness it will all be over on Wednesday, as long as I actually finish everything!

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