Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Hike

After we opened presents and ate breakfast, we decided to make Christmas Day a productive one. We headed to the Middlesex Fells, just north of Boston for some hiking. And yes, we even brought Max along.

Please excuse the plethora of pictures. My favorite Christmas present? An awesome pink, hard core tripod so that I don't always have to be behind the camera during our hikes!
Nice family shot taken via timer and tripod!!
Nate took on Max duty, probably to make it easier to go uphill.
Max likes to pull.
I think Max is trying to figure out what's taking the rest of us so long!
Family shot number 2
Oh Nate... How I love your sense of humor!
I think they should frame this one anyways!!
Me first!! Max always has to be in the lead...
and will sprint to catch up to whoever is in front.
Max and me
Trying to be a tough dog
After we were done hiking, we drove to Nantasket Beach to show my family what a real beach looks like. Our awesome friend John had taken our Christmas pictures there, so we wanted to show it off. It was pretty cold and windy, but the waves were worth it. Oh yeah, and there was some crazy surfer out there. 
I guess Ron didn't feel the cold, he was out picking up seashells.
Max was trying to figure out what that water was... 
and wanted to go by Ron. He kept crying for him! 
 Nate was obviously very cold, and went back in the car right after this photo.

Unfortunately it was a short trip, but we were glad they could come out. I think Christmas in Boston should become a tradition. Between the presents, breakfast, hiking, and dinner at Legal, it was definitely the most productive Christmas ever!!

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